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ISTARI, a Temasek company, aims to build cyber resilience and the long-term success of your business. Cyber resilience is a top business imperative although the journey to get there is not straightforward and the solutions that exist today do not meet the challenge.

Our model is unique. We take a holistic approach to cyber risk management from strategy through to implementation and beyond, as well as delivering education to enhance the talent pool in the industry. We’ve convened an agile team of experts and continually invest in a curated portfolio of capabilities to help you build resilience over the long-term.


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Our Model

Our Clients


Every business has a unique digital risk landscape. To create lasting impact for our clients, we tailor our strategic approach and response to meet your specific needs and build your resilience.

Our Leaders


Our team has deep experience in the cybersecurity industry, bringing to bear this expertise to help navigate you on your journey to becoming digitally resilient.

Our Collective

Collective capabilities

Making your business secure requires a collective effort and connected intelligence. We have created a platform of complementary cybersecurity companies to meet the challenge head on.

Our Insights

To help you on your journey towards digital resilience, explore the latest thinking from our team.


Our Academy

To enhance the talent and expertise in the industry, we have developed digital risk leadership programs in partnership with Columbia University. 

Shining light on the most important topics in cyber resilience


Cybersecurity Predictions and Trends

20 Dec 2021

Cybersecurity Predictions and Trends

What are new and upcoming trends, and what should companies look out for in the next years?

By Manuel Hepfer

The Log4J Vulnerability

20 Dec 2021

The Log4J Vulnerability

The Log4J vulnerability is exposing thousands of applications all around the world to a very simple attack. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Cisco, Google Cloud and IBM have all discovered that at least some of their services were vulnerable to the attack.

By Manuel Hepfer

Post Incident Review of the Cyberattack on Ireland’s Health Service

20 Dec 2021

Post Incident Review of the Cyberattack on Ireland’s Health Service

The cyberattack on Ireland’s Health Service in May 2021 is an interesting case study. A ransomware attack disrupted most hospitals in Ireland, causing substantial cancellations to outpatient services. 

By Manuel Hepfer

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